Letter to an entrepreneur group in Oklahoma.

Digitizing factory process controls

As background, between 1980-86 I worked for Honeywell setting up outside factories to support Honeywell’s manufacturing. I was part of the Just-in-Time application to manufacturing. Between 1986-1989 I founded and helped create the technologies for digitizing manufacturing processes. ASIDataMyte became folded into Allen Bradley. But the technologies created have been adopted by many customers.

Process controls can be applied to digitizing business and the mobility processes.

Digitizing business:
Amazon has grown on its ability to integrate delivery with excellent web-based customer service.

In 1989 I left ASIDatamyte to write WebClerk software to digitize the selling process. To aid entrepreneurs and small businesses, they can buy a copy for $9. Client/Server version (CommerceExpert) costs $49 per user per month.

In 2002 Wiley published a book I wrote on how ordinary retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers can integrate their supply chains by combining their physical business and interactive web communications. WebClerk is the software I wrote that implements this approach to supply chains

The software was a bit ahead of its time. The Fujitsu computers were the only tablets that worked at that time. It really needed tablets, smartphones, etc… that began sweeping the market in 2007.

Since I returned from Iraq in 2004 (contractor working on their economy) I maintained this software for existing customers but did not work on selling. I focused on the JPods effort to end foreign oil addiction.

Digitizing mobility:
Oklahoma can become the commercial center for the digitizing of mobility:

  • Oil and gas pipeline companies are perfectly organized and experienced in building these types of networks.
  • There is an existing trained and hard-working labor force that can be expanded.
  • There is the oil and natural gas energy needed to power the shift.
  • There are excellent sun and wind resources to power sustainable infrastructure. (Link to the solar collectors we manufacture in NY).

Consider the Internet is a distributed collaborative computer network that moves data packets. My patent, 6,810,817, is for the use of distributed collaborative computer networks that moves data packets, a Physical Internet®. Link to Red Bull TV documentary on the three layers of the future of transportation:

Digitizing mobility is my third experience driving the shift from analog to digital thinking. The shift is needed.

Traffic costs Americans $1.7 trillion per year. Digitizing mobility will convert at least $1 trillion per year into jobs, customer savings, and profits. This industry can be centered in Oklahoma. What is required is for Oklahoma to declare a free market. The 5X5 Standard in the Solar Mobility Act (Link to Massachusetts Senate Bill S.1993):

  • Privately funded networks.
  • 5X (5 times) more efficient than existing modes of transportation.
  • Pay 5% of gross revenues for non-exclusive use of public Rights of Way
  • Comply with State safety standards for theme park thrill rides (50,000 times better safety record than roads).

This shift from government central planning of transportation to governing by the 5X5 Standard will replace the century of 25 mpg Model-T efficiency just as rotary telephones were replaced by the Internet after free markets were restored between 1982-1991.

A wave of innovation is coming. You can see it with Uber and scooters digitizing the devices. JPods and Hyperloops will digitize the networks.