Item 7 is the approval vote for JPods and TransPod.
Item 8 is there coverage of their obligations to justify receipt of Federal 8:
  • Freight is a real problem for them
    • 2:54
    • 5:09 Truck travel time continues to worsen
    • 10:00 Truck problems
    • 10:45 Michael talks about trucking is the metric they are most struggling with. My guess this is similar in every city. This is a homerun for us.
    • 10:55: "We are being caught everywhere" Lots of truck in neighborhoods, warehouses, .....
    • 11:55 Have to engage the goods industry to do something different. Automating vehicles, move at night
    • 12:37 Neighborhood delivery with trucks stacking behind trucks.
    • 12:46 Technology break through to help with goods movement
    • 12:55 Asking for vote for them to engage the good movement industry to address these issues.
    • 13:20 Statement against larger trucks.
    • 17:40 Drone delivery to reduce freight issues
    • 18:20 Food deserts advancing technology may help, Tom's program
  • Transit asset metrics are all trending poorly
    • 6:20
    • 17:00 obligation to comply to standards to get more Federal money