Following is the 5X5 Standard of the Solar Mobility Agreement. It is based on:



Simplified version:

  1. 5X5 Standard is a simple standard that sets a general framework inviting all innovations that are 5 times more efficient than existing modes of transportation. This is an Economic Development ordinance designed to encourage innovation by defining a framework for it.


This is not a requirement to build networks. It is helpful for raising capital and attracting innovators to invest in a community.

/////////////////   Summary of the 5X5% Standard  ////////////////////    


The City of _________, to encourage the shift from an oil-powered to a sustainable economy, shall grant uses of its Rights of Way to solar-powered mobility networks that:

    1. Are constructed with private capital; and,
    2. Are privately operated without government subsidies; and,
    3. Exceed 120 passenger miles per gallon (5 times the efficiency on existing urban roads, 5X Standard) or equivalent energy efficiency; and,
    4. Exceed safety performance of transportation modes already approved for use in the Rights of Way; and,
    5. Gather more than 2 megawatt-hours of renewable energy per network mile per typical day.

The City of _______ shall regulate such networks based on the following criteria:

    1. System design, fabrication, installation, safety, insurance and inspection practices consistent with the Texas Department of Insurance (ASTM F24); and,
    2. Rights of Ways shall be regulated by TXDOT Utility Accommodation Policy and Standards; and,
    3. Environmental approvals shall be granted to networks exceeding 5 times the efficiency of existing roads as measured in energy per passenger-mile; and,
    4. Environmental approvals are granted based for networks exceeding the 5X Standard; and,
    5. Networks may be rejected in writing for any other public good reasons; and,
    6. Taxes and fees assessed on solar and renewable energy mobility network providers, passengers and cargo shall be limited to 5 percent of the gross revenues and shall be paid to the aggregate rights-of-way holders by the solar or renewable energy mobility network provider.

//////////////////   END   ////////////////////    

As pending in the Massachusetts Legislature.