There are doers and watchers. Doers are rare, and they change the world.

Georgia has the leadership of five teams that are triggering the creation of a physical version of the Internet. Digitizing mobility will create vast numbers of construction, manufacturing, and engineering jobs by converting traffic congestion and costs into value.

  • Senator Beach triggered action in Georgia.
  • Governor Kemp has defined a "Georgia First" framework where Georgia is leading to innovate solutions to traffic and energy problems.
  • GDOT Commissioner McMurry, Chief Engineer Pirkle, and Director of Operations Hibbard are defining how existing Georgia laws can be used to secure private investment to build sustainable transportation networks.
  • Airport General Manager, John Selden, and crew are organizing the ATL economic community.
  • Hapeville Mayor, Allan Hallman, is organizing a place to create jobs.

March 12, 2019 Senator Beach and the Georgia Senate Transportation hearing on solar-powered mobility networks moved Georgia to restore liberty to invent and liberty for people to choose in free markets.

Senator Brendon Beach invited Madgie Murray and Bill James to present to the Georgia Legislature's Transportation Committee on March 5, 2019.

As a preview of what Georgia leadership will accomplish, five videos follow:

  1. A 3-minute video summarizing the JPods networks that will be built at ATL.

  1. Opening of Morgantown's PRT, the world's first network of self-driving cars.

  1. A 17-minute video from 1977 on the benefits obtained by building the Morgantown PRT network.

  1. A 1-minute video  from 2013 of the current status of the Morgantown network.

  1. JPods vehicles are to cars what H-Bahn vehicles are to buses. JPods vehicles are designed to carry a person or a group non-stop from origin to destination. In both cases, traveling suspended from the rail simplifies mechanics and increases safety.

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